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@ Music and Activity groups for parents and toddlers

Ages 1 - 3 years old

Come along and join in the fun with your toddlers in this exciting music and activity program. Sing well-known English children's songs like "Incy Wincy Spider" and "The Wheels on the Bus", move to different rhythms as we try out a variety of percussion instruments, and play with the animals as we sing "Old McDonald". Have fun with the parachute, and dance freely to music from around the world. Watch finger puppets perform "There were 5 in the bed", spin around with the colored ribbons and hoops and finish up with jumping on the mini trampoline and crawling through the tunnel. The kids all have a great time! (So do the parents!)

For parents:
The Go Baby Go! program is designed to expose the children to a broad range of music and experiences. Basic elements of children's age-appropriate development are also fostered: fine and gross motor skills, vestibular stimulation, physical coordination, cognitive development, spatial awareness, listening skills and interactive social skills. Parents also get a chance to socialize and have fun together with their children in a warm and supportive environment.

Setagaya classes: At Blue Sky
Nearest station: Sakura Shinmachi on the Denen-toshi line, only 4 stops from Shibuya. 8 minutes walk from the station.

SPECIAL Classes for 2010: October - December

A special 8 week only session will be offered at Blue Sky starting mid-October.
Price: 16,000 yen There are no joining fees or annual fees.
Class numbers are limited so please book early.
Dates to be confirmed shortly.

Please contact for directions to Blue Sky, more information about classes or to reserve your place the next class.

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