Family Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic
Date:Sunday April 12th 2009
Time:from 10:30 till about 14:30
Place:Baji Koen, Sakura Hiroba

Hunt times
11:00 little kids egg hunt (toddlers)
11:20 bigger kids egg hunt (yochien kids)
11:40 big kids egg hunt (shogakusei kids)
* The rest of the time is picnic, free play in the park and chatting.

Things to bring
* 10 Easter eggs(coloured or dyed HARD boiled eggs) OR 10 wrapped candies(one pack of some kind of wrapped candy is also OK)
* Basket for collecting eggs(size: big enough to hold 10 eggs or a few extras)
* Mat to sit on
* Your own family's bento and drinks(and all gomi is take home)

If anyone can help with the egg hunt, please let us know, we just need some people to help hide the eggs, and to supervise the kids who are picking up the eggs.

In case of rain, we will still do the egg hunt, but not the picnic.

Open House
We will have Open House at Blue Sky on Saturday April 11th, 2-4pm. You can bring 10 COLD hard boiled eggs and we will dye them different colours ready for the egg hunt. You can just drop in when it suits you. Please email for the location of Blue Sky

About Blue Sky
Blue Sky has a very popular mother/baby circle, weekly mother/baby music and movement groups, Kids English for yochien and shogakusei kids and lots more! Check out on the different pages for more information. For classes please email

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